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The Gloucestershire Regenerative Environment and Agriculture Transition (GREAT) Project is a comprehensive and exciting programme, funded for 3 years by Thirty Percy.


It offers free and subsidised support to new entrant and existing farmers and growers wishing to transition to more regenerative agriculture practices. Support includes free farm advice, subsidised courses, a small grant scheme, peer mentoring, and a new entrant scheme. Although the project’s offerings are free or subsidised only to those farming in Gloucestershire, many events are available at full cost to anybody.

Its three focus areas - building evidence, sharing knowledge and nurturing enterprise – are being delivered by a collaboration of organisations led by FWAG SouthWest that comprises FarmED, RAU School of Enterprise, RuRALink, Pasture Fed Livestock Association and the Community Supported Agriculture Network.


Recent and ongoing activities include enterprise bootcamps, webinars, accredited mentor and advisor training development, support for new horticulture enterprises and introducing @Serve_To_Feed supporting ex-service members as they transition to a new career in regenerative farming.


Picture Credits: Ian Boyd

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