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The Vision

The food system sits at the very heart of our society and affects everything we do from health and wellbeing to leisure and cultural life.


The evidence is clear, the food we eat, what we produce and the way we produce it has significant impact on human health and our precious environment. 

Our partner network will collaborate to deliver on this vision, always seeking to establish a unified approach throughout the ecosystem, where the interconnections become visible and more clearly understood.

This will enable stakeholders across the county to streamline their efforts,  prioritise initiatives and engage in positive collaboration to create impact and cultivate change around food.

Gloucestershire is not alone in its endeavour, many counties and regions across the United Kingdom have recognised their food and farming system must radically change.

This requirement for cultural and systemic transformation is now recognised at national level within the National Food Strategy. Focussed initiatives are developing both nationwide and indeed worldwide to instigate change.

The picture of those that influence Gloucestershire’s food system is complex, which highlights why the potential benefits of successfully aligning public policies and resources are so great.

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