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In April 2021 Community Roots had a vision to bring together organisations who were supporting their communities around food poverty. This led to discussions with Feeding Britain and to the potential for Feeding Gloucestershire. By Sept 2021 a Steering Group was formed chaired by Bishop Rachel and by November 2021 Community Roots began a series of community organisational conversations funded by GFFP’s Thirty Percy Grant as part of its initial community work to identify current and emergent needs surrounding food. These conversations have informed the work of Feeding Gloucestershire.  

Previously, in May 21 Food Justice workshops were co-designed and facilitated amongst 30 key stakeholders and community groups, with emergent themes used to shape the community conversations and a training and support programme. (please find the outcomes from the Food Justice Workshop here).  Alongside this, GRCC was engaged to design and conduct a Parish Survey, allowing a broad range of voices to be heard. These findings and associated report is available from GRCC.

Early in 2022 was an intense period, building Feeding Gloucestershire’s vision,  mission and aims, and how these would be delivered. This Statement of Strategic Intent was sent out to the organisations for feedback and input, and a constitution was drafted. Feeding Gloucestershire were fortunate to receive funding from Gloucestershire County Council and contracted a Project Manager and a Network Coordinator.  During this time Feeding Gloucestershire also supported GFFP’s application for Sustainable Food Places membership, match funding a Sustainable Food Places grant to employ a project coordinator for 2 years.

It was agreed the best way for Feeding Gloucestershire to deliver its Vision, Mission and Aims was to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and work is underway to prepare  this transition. In Feb 2023 the new website was launched.


Please visit to learn more about the membership offer.

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