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Why a partnership?

Over the past few years the Gloucestershire Food and Farming Partnership (GFFP) has evolved to develop an effective partner network for stakeholder collaboration and communication.


This co-created, powerful and unified vision, represents a significant step on a journey towards a county wide strategy that will enable Gloucestershire to optimise opportunities and address these key challenges effectively.

Our purpose is to...

  • Create: innovative approaches to transforming the food and farming system by co-designing initiatives to deliver multiple economic, social, health and environmental outcomes.

  • Collaborate: across Gloucestershire and convene partners with diverse agendas. Together we align projects so that success in one area of the food and farming system is not thwarted by constraints in another, producing both holistic, impactful outcomes.

  • Communicate: amongst our partners building a community network, and signpost opportunities contributing to transformational change. We champion people and organisations who are committed to improving our County, and support partners to influence policy change.

and we aim to...

Create Opportunities for Everyone to Grow, Buy, Cook & Eat Sustainable Food

Invest in Skills & Careers

Champion Positive Environmental Initiatives &  

Land Use

Foster Economic Growth & Channel Agri-Tech & Research

Enable & Optimise Local Supply Chains

Operate an Inclusive, Effective Partnership Model

Build a Culture of Awareness & Equal Access

Support a Thriving Visitor Economy


Together we will create a healthy circular economy in food & farming that enables a viable future for farmers, builds  community, creates jobs across the supply chain, optimises natural capital & reduces food-related illness and waste.

Unified under the guiding principle of human, environmental and economic health.

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