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A New Food & Farming Vision For Gloucestershire: Why Now?

Based on evidence and the strength and opportunities for Gloucestershire, the partners will seek a future together where our food and farming system is thriving. It is regenerative for ecosystems and supports the health of our communities and citizens. It pioneers fresh ideas, innovation, and the enjoyment of food.

This is because the food we eat, what we produce and the way we produce it has a significant impact on human health and our precious environment.


The partnership network and it's supporters recognise that food and farming sit at the very heart of our society, everything we do from health and wellbeing to work, leisure and cultural life, food and farming impact the health of our society, our environment and economy. 


This is why we're building a vision and vehicle for communication so that we can promote the opportunities that food and its production offers us. 


A collaborative partner network formed by harnessing the voices, passion and expertise of institutions, organisations, businesses, groups and communities across the region to build and champion a sustainable food and farming future for the county of Gloucestershire.



Together we will create a healthy circular economy in food & farming that enables a viable future for farmers, builds  community, creates jobs across the supply chain, optimises natural capital & reduces food-related illness and waste.

Unified under the guiding principle of human, environmental and economic health.

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