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Sustainable Food Places


Since its inception, the GFFP has been working strategically towards meeting  the criteria for Sustainable Food Places (SFP) This is a County wide initiative, supporting  Gloucestershire as a whole to collaborate and establish  healthy and sustainable food as a characteristic of the county.  The application for membership will be submitted in March 2022. As a member, the County has access to the SFP Award scheme, which recognises and celebrates  the success of those places that demonstrate  a joined up, holistic approach to food. 


In co-creating this vision with the partner network GFFP hopes to demonstrate the six key SFP criteria:

·  Food Governance and Strategy 

·  Good Food Movement 

·  Healthy Food for All 

·  Sustainable Food Economy

·  Catering and Procurement 

·  Food for the Planet 

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Successful membership will add momentum to this GFFP Vision and act as a springboard to unite the county behind a nationally recognised scheme, putting Gloucestershire on the map alongside those counties who demonstrate a strategic approach to their food system. Membership includes access to a national network of food partnerships committed to sharing learning and expertise as part of a community of evolving good practice. 


This accreditation aligns seamlessly to the Vision of  GFFP and such recognition will add enhanced value and credibility to partnership work, projects and conversations with funding partners.  

Picture Credit: Ian Boyd

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