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Building engagement and representation across all communities is vital to realisation of this Vision. Funding was secured from the Thirty Percy grant to engage with grassroots communities across Gloucestershire to identify current and emergent needs surrounding food. 

In May 21 Food Justice workshops were co-designed and facilitated amongst 30 key stakeholders and community groups, and the emergent themes used to shape community conversations (please find the outcomes from the Food Justice Workshop here) and a training and support programme in close liaison with Community Roots and the community network group, Feeding Gloucestershire. Alongside this, GRCC was engaged to design and conduct a Parish Survey, giving opportunity for a wide range of voices across the county to be heard. These findings and associated report is due in the Spring of 2022. 

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory SouthWest has been championing and delivering an approach we term as “Integrated Local Delivery” (ILD) in the Southwest of England for over 15 years. The approach inspires and enables farmers and communities to come together to build resilience, supported by an all-inclusive partnership of organisations working together at a local level. Dedicated to partnership working FWAGSW has been asked to host funding from Gloucestershire County Council to catalyse delivery of the shared vision of the Gloucestershire Food and Farming Partnership.

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