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The Role of Agritech

Agritech expertise is recognised as a significant strength for Gloucestershire. As this sector continues its rapid growth it offers great opportunity for business investment and international knowledge exchange.

When looking across the food and farming system as a whole, the role for current and emergent technologies to help solve some our biggest challenges become clear. In every facet of the food and farming system, opportunities exist for technology to help create solutions. 

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However, agritech alone cannot create the healthy circular economy in food & farming we seek for Gloucestershire’s future, only if it is developed and engaged alongside and in harmony with the mission and aims set out in this vision will it realise its potential for positive transformational change.


Many farms embracing agritech solutions have seen significant environmental benefits from reduced water, fertilizer consumption and impacts on the surrounding ecosystem. To deliver this change, we must understand our soil. New technology, that supports soil scanning and sampling, creates a baseline investment in the multiple benefits of increasing soil organic matter, carbon permanence and rebuilding soil ecology.


It’s important the County’s approach to regenerative, agro-ecological farming is built on a foundation of opportunity for natural capital recovery. Supported by our Local Nature Partnership & Local Enterprise Partnership, green investment in technology and infrastructure has the potential for business opportunities and job creation driving the restoration of our soils and habitats at the heart of future food and sustainable fuel production.  It is possible to create community resilience and thriving landscapes when groups of farmers work together and our nutrient dense food is grown in mixed farming systems. 

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